real estate “Timing” The Market It’s the age old question, and the one I get at every listing appointment as well as when I am out and about. When is the best time to list? In the world of real estate, timing is often considered an art form. From listing your home to navigating market complexities, understanding the ebb and […]
bellevue 3 Things That Sell a home Fast No matter how much you love your home, sooner or later there may come a time when you want to sell and move on, but what are the 3 things that can speed up a sale?       How to sell a home fast While many factors that affect how long it takes to sell […]
broker August Perspectives The housing market and economic climate of today are very different from the conditions that led to the housing bubble in 2007. Nobody can predict what’s going to happen with 100% certainty, however we do have answers to these 4 things!   
bellevue Western Washington Housing demand is still exceeding supply.  The low inventory has kept the market in an upward appreciation trend.  Find out what the average days on market is, as well how much home prices have risen since 2015.       ECONOMIC OVERVIEW Washington State continues to see strong employment growth, outpacing national numbers with an […]
broker How the Neighborhood Impacts a Home’s Value Online home guesstimates are just that. They are guesstimates! Besides a knowledgable agent, here are 9 items that also impact your homes value.        Whether you’re buying or selling, accurately pricing a home requires professional assistance from someone who knows the neighborhood.    The “estimated” home prices you see posted online can be […]
bellevue Hot Market, Maybe It’s Your Turn To Sell Despite increasing prices, there is intense competition among buyers because inventory is at all-time lows. That means multiple offer and bidding wars, increasing the likelihood that your home will sell above your asking price. The median price of a single family home sold in King County in February was $514,975, a whopping 20% increase over a year ago. The […]
bellevue The Cost of Waiting Are you buying a home this year??          Windermere Eastside in Local Market News, Statistics April 21, 2016  The Cost of Waiting All of the latest statistics are pointing to a seller’s advantage right now. But are there still benefits for buyers in this market? Absolutely. Some potential home buyers may be hesitant to start their […]
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