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“Timing” The Market

It’s the age old question, and the one I get at every listing appointment as well as when I am out and about. When is the best time to list? In the world of real estate, timing is often considered an art form. From listing your home to navigating market complexities, understanding the ebb and flow can make a significant difference in your selling strategy. Nuances of timing in the real estate market can be complex, so I will cover everything from the worst times to list to preparing for a successful sale.

Embrace the Spring Market: Traditionally, the Spring season is hailed as the prime time to list a home. There’s no better time than right now to get in gear. In fact, with interest rates dropping consecutive weeks since November, buyers are ready to jump back in the game. We are excited for our sellers who have contacted us already to prep their houses for February through early May list dates. There is always some lead time to get ready for the market, therefore it’s important to contact your expert real estate team to identify how much work you need to do to net you the most at closing. As the weather warms and daylight hours increase, prospective buyers tend to emerge from their Winter hibernation. This increase in buyer activity can benefit you by strategically timing your listing to coincide with the Spring, especially this year due to rate drops! In general, this is my favorite season to sell. Increased demand during the Spring period can often lead to competitive offers and faster sales, which means more money for you.

Unfavorable Times to List: While the real estate market can be somewhat unpredictable, certain times are historically considered less favorable for sellers. In general, the Winter months (particularly around the holidays) and the Summer months (when it’s popular to vacation) often see a decrease in buyer activity. During these seasons, potential buyers and agents may be inclined to disengage in the home-buying process.

If you’re in a position to either speed up or wait a bit to list in the Spring market, that would be the best case scenario! However, we list properties year round, so if you’re not in a position to wait until Spring, talk to your expert agent about the nuances of timing within those months.

When YOU are Ready to Sell: With all of that said, if you have a need and you are ready to sell, there is always an optimal time in the coming weeks, whatever time of year. Recently, I received 8 offers on a home we listed right after Thanksgiving. Knowing we were going to have to go to market during the month of December, I made sure the seller was ready the FIRST week of December rather than waiting until right before the holidays. Be smart about your timing. For instance, if we have a listing going on in July, we try to list after the 4th of July holiday weekend rather than right before.

Timing isn’t just about when to list; it’s also about ensuring your property is in optimal condition for the market. Too many times I have sellers call me and want to list ASAP and then explain they would also like to paint, install new carpet, plus move out and stage – and they haven’t scheduled anything. Stagers, painters and carpet installers are usually booked out 3-4 weeks in advance. Get in touch with us early to familiarize yourself with current market trends, property values in your area and to help get professionals reserved. In the intricate dance of real estate timing, preparation and strategic decision-making are key.

By considering the best and worst times to list, and adopting effective selling strategies, you can position yourself for a successful and timely home sale!