Uncategorized December 5, 2016

6 Main Elements That Will Impact How Long Your House Stays On The Market- Every Time


A home sale timeline can be quick or it can  drag out for months. So how do you avoid being the house that’s sitting on the market? Attract buyers with these 6 factors.



  • Location: In hot markets such as San Francisco, Seattle or Vancouver B.C homes may spend just a few weeks or less on the market before they sell. In slower markets, and outside the main more desirable neighborhoods can sit twice as long.
  • Price: Expensive homes generally sell more slowly, because fewer buyers can afford them. The pool of possible buyers in the multi million-dollar price point tends to be more selective.
  • Season: In general, sales happen faster in spring and summer, when the weather is nice and families are eager to settle in before school starts. During the winter, sales can be more sluggish.
  • Inventory: Homes in an area with a shortage of homes on the market, like ours, in relation to the demand are more likely to see offers sooner. Homes in neighborhoods with an inventory surplus and fewer buyers stay on the market longer.
  • School districts: Homes in neighborhoods with desirable public schools sell faster than houses in less-than-stellar school districts—and for more money, too.
  • Walkability: Urban houses within strolling distance to public transportation, shopping and dining, are snapped up over homes with limited access to buses, trains, restaurants and dining.



Use https://julietaylorteam.com/neighborhoodnews to find out the median days on market in your area, number of homes, and other local data that can help you determine how long it will take to sell your home so you can plan accordingly.